Ab Workouts For Toning Your Midsection

Admit it, you want to have a toned midsection. You want your belly to look fit and trim, so that you will have no qualms wearing bikinis the next time you hit the gym. But as you know, the best way to getting a firm stomach is to perform ab workouts on a regular basis.  Additionally, maintaining a healthy diet would help you trim down excess fat around the tummy and make that part of your body look fit.

Ab workouts may be done with the use of an ab workout machine like a power tower. Stability ball, ab wheel, and pull-up bar may also the other pieces of ab workout equipment that you can harness.

Here are some of the ab workout exercises that you can do regularly to cut down excess fats around your midsection and make it look sexier:


bicycle exercisesbuy

This is one of the easiest ab exercises that you can do, and you don’t need ab workout machines in order to perform this exercise.

To do this exercise, simply lie face up on a mat and put your hands behind your head. Your hands should lightly support your head. Then bring the knees close to the chest, lifting the shoulder blades off the floor without causing strain on your neck.

Slowly rotate to your left, bring your left elbow towards your right knee while straightening the other leg. Then switch sides, bringing the right elbow towards the left knee. Continue this pedaling motion for 1 to three sets, of around 12 repetitions.

Captain’s Chair

You would need to have a Captain’s chair, or power tower, in order to pull off this exercise. This exercise targets the obliques as well as the rectus abdominis.

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To start this workout, stand on the chair and then grip the handholds. Gently place your back against the pad while keeping your shoulders relaxed. Then bend your knees and contract the abs, lifting the knees to hip levels. While you do this, avoid arching the back or swinging the legs up.

Slowly lower back down then repeat the routine 10 times. Complete one to three sets.

Ball Crunch

Ab workout machines like the Captain’s chair can be very expensive for you to buy, especially if you intend to work out at home. A more inexpensive option would be to buy a stability ball or exercise ball. You can do several exercises using a stability ball like the ball crunch.ball crunch exercises

To perform this exercise, lie on the ball by placing your lower back on it. Cross your arms over the chest, then contract your abs and lift your torso off the ball.

As you curl up, you must prevent the ball from rolling. Lower your back and repeat 11 times and do two to three sets.

The ball crunch is more effective than floor crunches because the legs are more involved when you do the latter. When you do the ball crunch, your abs do more of the work.

Long Arm Crunch

If you don’t have a stability ball, you can perform the long arm crunch instead. This is one of the more effective ab exercises around, and it is even more difficult to perform than the traditional floor crunch.  It also targets the upper part of the abs.

To perform this exercise, start by lying on a mat and extending your arms straight behind your head and your hands clasped. Keep your arms next to your ears. Slowly contract the abs while lifting your shoulder blades off the floor.

Keep your arms straight. Don’t strain your neck. If you feel some pain in that part of the body, put one hand behind your head while you keep the other arm extended.

Lower your shoulder blades then repeat 11 times. Complete 1 to 3 sets. As you go along, you can hold a small dumbbell to increase intensity.

Ab Workout Belt

But what if you really don’t have the time to do any of these exercises? Or what if you have a nagging back injury that prevent you from performing these workouts?  You can still tone your midsection by using an ab toning system like the Flex Belt.

The Flex Belt is one of the best ab toning belts you can find on the Internet. It is endorsed by celebrities Denise Richardson and Jerry Rice. It makes use of electrical muscle stimulation, wherein electrical current are applied to the muscles causing them to contract.  Stimulating the muscles repeatedly through EMS can strengthen and tone the muscles, especially in the belly area.

Using the Flex Belt is easy. You just wrap it around your stomach, placing the bigger gel pad near the belly button and the smaller gel pads near your obliques. What makes the Flex Belt a great ab toning device is that you don’t really have to work out in order to achieve a toned core.

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You can wear the Flex Belt anytime, anywhere. You can wear it under your corporate clothes, so your stomach can get a work out even as you are attending a meeting. You can also wear it while at home as you prepare your kids’ meals. And you can have an ab workout with the Flex Belt while you enjoy watching your favorite movies at home.

The Flex Belt only costs about $199, which is a steal considering that you no longer have to pay for gym membership. You can also generate more savings because you no longer have to make those daily trips to the gym, and pay for the services of a trainer.

All you need to do is to wear the Flex Belt for at least 30 minutes every day and you can expect to see results in two months.  Of course it would help if you watch what you eat.

You can always work out your belly by performing the different ab workouts mentioned earlier.  But in case you are not able to do so,  you can always turn to the use of Flex Belt in keeping your midsection trimmed and sexy.

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