Seven Things You Will Likely Read in Flex Belt Reviews

You’ve seen the television ad featuring actress Denise Richards countless times before. And you’ve heard your colleagues rave about it. So you search the Internet for Flex Belt reviews hoping to have an idea what the fuss is all about.

What can you read in a typical review? This article summarizes the important points that you will likely read in most Flexbelt reviews:

1. There’s A Science Behind This Abdominal Belt

The idea of wearing a belt around your stomach to make it firmer and more toned may sound crazy at first, but wait until you hear that there’s really a science behind it.

It’s called electric muscle stimulation or EMS and it has been harnessed since the 20th century. An Italian physician and physicist Luigi Galvani was the first to provide scientific evidence that electric current can activate the muscles.  In the 60s, in fact, athletes from the Soviet Union applied EMS as part of their training, and according to studies it was responsible for improving their athletic performance.

There have also been clinical studies proving that EMS can really help in toning the midsection. One such study was conducted by two experts from Korea, and looked into the effects of using EMS on abdominal obesity in young women.

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In the said study, participants were subjected to high frequency current therapy for 30 minutes. A series of electrodes were placed on their bellies, and this was done three times a week for six weeks, or a total of 18 EMS sessions.

After the trial, the researchers measured the body mass index, waist circumference, and subcutaneoIt is Cleared by The US FDAus fat mass, or the fat under the skin, as well as their body fat percentage.

The researchers found out that EMS caused significant decrease in waist circumference, ab obesity, body fat percentage, and subcutaneous fat mass.

2. It is Cleared by The US FDA

Another thing that you will learn when you read reviews is that the ab toning belt is cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration. In fact, it is the first ab toning belt to have such distinction. It also conforms to the requirements of the Medical Device Directive.

3. It Can Be Worn Anytime, Anywhere

One of the most intriguing aspects about the Flex Belt is that it is lightweight enough to be brought anywhere. You can even wear it under your clothes while you work in the office. No one would notice that you have an abdominal belt under your shirt, and this would enable you to tone your abdominal muscles even without having to go to the gym.

Of course, you can also wear the Flex Belt at home. Moms who are too busy to attend to their kids will find the Flex Belt an excellent device to keep themselves fit, because they don’t have to perform core exercises just to tone their midsection.

This ab toning belt is also great for people who have nagging back injuries, and thus cannot perform sit-ups and crunches.  Even the elderly will be able to benefit from the use of the Flex Belt.

4. Hardcore Gym Goers Even Use It

One of the misconceptions people have with the Flex Belt is that it is only used by people who don’t have the time to go to the gym to exercise. On the contrary, you will be surprised to learn that even hardcore gym goers and professional athletes find the Flex Belt very useful.

flex belt reviewsMany of those who use it are bodybuilders and gym rats who spend countless of hours exercising. They say that they wear Flex Belt to maximize the gains they’ve had from working out regularly.

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The fact that the ab toning belt is convenient to use makes Flex Belt even more appealing to hardcore gym goers.

In fact, even professional athletes like Janet Evans and Jerry Rice have admitted that they use Flex Belt regularly. Celebrities like Arianne Curry and Lisa Rinna have also been known to use the ab toning belt system on a regular basis.

5. Its Belt Extender Makes It Suitable For Use of Just About Everyone

You don’t have to fret if you have a huge waistline as the Flex Belt has a belt extender, which makes it suitable for all waist sizes. This is another feature of the Flex Belt that has enhanced its popularity and increased its sales, despite its relatively high costs.

6. It is Sold at $199

Speaking of costs, you may read in a Flex Belt customer review that this ab toning system is sold at around $199. This may make you think twice about getting the product, but you should also realize that other toning systems almost have the same price.

Plus, you will likely consider the ab belt to be a good deal when you learn that the manufacturer has a two-year extended warranty on this product. This means that you can get your Flex Belt replaced should it break down or get damaged, without the manufacturer asking any questions.

7. It’s Convenient to Use

Finally, you will learn from a Flex Belt review that this ab toner is very convenient to use. After assembling it which would only take a few minutes, you wear it around your stomach. The bigger gel

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pad must be positioned near your belly button while the smaller pads should cover the obliques.

Once you switch on the ab toning belt, you can choose from levels 1 to 100. Because you’re just starting out in using the Flex Belt, you should start with a low level, and eventually work your way up.

During the toning session, you’ll feel that your stomach muscles are contracting and relaxing naturally. This means that the ab muscles are being worked out, as if you are doing a core exercise.

Flex Belt reviews will also remind you that if you choose to run the belt on high intensity you will likely feel some soreness on your abdominal region, as if you just performed crunches and other core exercises.

At last, now you too can tone and strengthen your abs in the comfort of your home in an easy way.

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