Can A Weight Loss Belt Really Make You Lose Weight?

The idea is just too mind-boggling, to say the least. You wear a belt around your waist and you go about your daily routine. After a few weeks of using the belt, you’ll notice that you’ve dropped a few pounds. But can a weight loss belt really make that much of a difference?

There are many weight loss belts out in the market today. Most of these items are sold online, targeting people like moms and corporate slaves who are too busy to hit the gym and work out. The promise of the companies behind these products is pretty much the same – you wear this belt to lose weight, without having to change your diet or incorporating a daily workout regimen.

Products like these contribute to the growing U.S. weight loss market.  In 2014, the said market was estimated to be worth $59.8 billion. Its value actually declined from the previous year due to a flat performance in most market segments, but it is forecasted to grow by 1 percent in 2015 as the do-it-yourself dieting trend is expected to grow further. On a global scale the weight loss market is pegged to be worth $148 billion. It is expected to grow to $206 billion by 2019.


Many companies that manufacture these belts make rather absurd claims. One of these claims is that wearing the belt for a few minutes a day can heat up the muscles and this would enable your body to burn fat even as you go about your day to day tasks.

weight lossOther belt makers claim that you must wear the product while exercising to speed up the fat burning process.  According to their explanation, the belt can compress fat cells so that these would take up less space. The belt will also stimulate sweating that can translate to reduced body weight.

However there are no tests that prove that these claims are legit.  On the  contrary, studies have shown there are really no differences in wearing these belts.

One study conducted by Consumer Reports tried to look into the effects of using a belly band in 2011. The maker of the belly band had claimed that wearing the belt can burn more calories.

So the study had participants jogging on a treadmill for 20 minutes with the belly belt on. They were then asked to jog again for 20 minutes without the belt.

The results were not surprising at all, as there was no significant difference in the number of calories burned when they jogged without the belt and after they jogged with it.

Experts explain that a waist belt can only temporarily compress the fat cells. At the very best, a waist belt may temporarily make your waist measurement smaller but eventually, it would get back to normal when you rehydrate.

Ab Toning

However, you can get a toned midsection when you use an ab toning belt. Keep in mind that an ab toning belt would not make you lose weight, nor would it make you have a six pack abs. But it can make your abdominal region firmer and toned especially when you use it regularly.

One such product is the Flex Belt, which is the first ab toning belt that was cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration. The Flex Belt has sold more than two million units worldwide proof that a lot of people find it very useful in toning and firming up their abs.

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The Flex Belt is used like a belly belt, but it is not intended to induce weight loss. In fact, the manufacturer of Flex Belt acknowledges that the only way to lose weight is to maintain a healthy diet and regularly exercise. The belt is seen as a complementary device especially for people who have troubles going to the gym and working out.

Flex Belt Results

And unlike belly bands and belts that don’t have clinical studies to back the preposterous claims of their manufacturers, Flex Belt has been tested and proven numerous times to be effective in firming up and toning the abdominal region.

In 2005, Dr. John Porcari of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse conducted an eight-week study that looked into the effects of the ab toning belt on the abs of its users.  A a professor of exercise and sports Weight Loss Beltscience, he had actually conducted more than 20 other tests on ab toning systems.

In his study, he found that 72 percent of the participants said their abs felt more toned and firm after using the belt. Also, 49 percent of those who took part in his study said they felt an increase in the firmness of their ab muscles.

Three years later, Porcari would make another study albeit a shorter one. He again asked the participants to use Flex belt during a six-week study. At the end of the trial period, the participants were asked about their experiences in using the belt. All of the users said that their abs felt more toned and firm, while 92 percent of them said that they felt an increased in the firmness of their abs.

The results of these studies had Porcari declaring that Flex Belt is the best among the many ab toning belts in the market today.


flex belt benefitsbuy

Flex Belt is so easy to use. You just wrap it around your waist, slightly above your hips. It is lightweight enough not to distract you while you go about your daily activities, whether it’s driving the kids to school or preparing their meals. You can even wear it under your clothes while at work.

Flex belt works for people of all fitness levels. You don’t have to be a gym buff in order to benefit from the use of this belt.  Busy moms, senior citizens, athletes, and even young professionals are all using Flex belt to tone their midsections.

So would you waste your money on a weight loss belt? Of course, you wouldn’t take a chance on an unproven product. Instead of buying a belly belt, why don’t you invest on a Flex Belt ab toning system?

Remember, there has never been a better or easier way to tone and strengthen your abs.

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